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Notes of The Lost Sheep


on my birthday last year,
a Chinese Man sat by my side saying
“Happy Birthday, by the way.”

there are no swords sharper than his eyes,
then he had me home
by his white dream car;
drive thru a McD
and had my Punch Pop as a gift


A Rich Man

A 38yo man picking up
his young-tiny affair at the place she’s working

he parked his dreamy car further so nobody could recognize him

A little while,
she gets in the car
and hug him
as she threw away
a bundle of misery that could only healed
by a rich man fragrance



she throwbacks to the page number 1982

on the way home,
it was too late
to reserved a hotel room;
they can’t handle

She remembered the way
he tied her up
at the seat on his white dream car

He kissed her slower;
He did want to be the first taste her
after a bunch of beauty treatment

He bite her lips
kissed her neck ’til it was already wet

He let her begging for being satisfied.



we flushed the risk
smoked them as drugs

we were addict to each other

I sat right next to him
while he was on the bathtub



Midas Touch

heaven’s door have been loosed right where he stood

She’s moaning slightly
as the desire melt within her body

She is fantastically pleased
under The Midas Touch

nasty, disgusting, wild, and georgeous all at once

Hai, kawan-kawan.

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